Case Study Feature

Civic Centre – mass light fitting rollout – Cape Town City Centre

The customer’s challenge with any mass rollout is to ensure that time and effort is put into the perfect product proposal, that the product conforms to (or even improves on) the current specification.  The risks of getting the specification wrong are high.  The producer’s challenge is to be able to provide the right information to reduce this risk and once production starts, have the capacity to produce and deliver on a large scale, within the specified timeframe and with consistent high quality.

The Beginning

The tender was released in 2013 for an electrical contractor to supply and reinstall every fitting in the imposing Civic Centre building in Cape Town.  LED Lighting SA’s engineering team got to work answering the tender requirements.  Every effort was made not only to answer the specification but to improve the lighting aesthetic throughout.  After submitting the technical specifications and pricing to interested contractors we awaited the tender award date with anticipation.

Lighting Objectives

The City faced a substantial challenge getting the right advice to meet a complex installation and the numerous technical requirements.  A significant challenge was that the main fitting in the office tower had to be retro-fitted into an existing housing which also acted as venting for the incumbent HVAC system.  The contractor needed to be able install 14 000 of these units in a short space of time which meant that the simplicity and speed of installation was crucial.  Collaboration with the contractor ensured that the team understood the different concerns and possible issues that could arise in the installation process.

The City required a full DALI daylight harvesting and occupancy control system that could be installed with ease and operate independently with no central BMS.  This functionality was also designed into the retrofit fitting.

The remainder of the installation required a direct swap of traditional technology fittings for new LED fittings.  These included standard recessed inlays, downlights, high bays, parking garage fittings and back-of-house replacement fixtures.  The dual objectives of the project were to reduce the electricity consumption and fluorescent tube maintenance overhead of the very large building.

Lighting Solutions

The main retrofit product was kitted with a DALI plug-and-play cable, a 220V push connector and a mounting jig system to speed up the installation process.  In most cases, the daylight harvesting and occupancy sensor design allowed install-and-walk-away.  Where specific deviations from standard lighting were required, individual fittings were adjusted from the floor using remote control.  The City’s facilities personnel will be able to continue to remotely adjust light levels going forward to cater for movement of partitions or whatever other eventualities may arise.

The standard configuration has a sensor controlling 4 fittings in a quadrant.  This allows for accurate detection area and lighting control.  Most fittings replaced were old, “u-tube” LBR fluorescent fittings.  Replacing these with LED Lighting SA recessed inlays dropped the wattage by half while improving the light output.

Results and Benefits

This major overhaul of the lighting within the Civic Centre, combined with the correct average lighting levels has made a massive impact to many areas that had become gloomy under old, dimmed fittings.  The main retrofit fitting consumes only 35w of power and the extra daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors further reduce the overall consumption.

Key Facts

  • Product design and computer aided simulation began in Quarter 3 of 2014.
  • More than 90% of the project completed by March 2016
  • Final completion expected in August 2016
  • Fitting types delivered – all with five-year warranty and expected L70 of 100,000 or more:
  • Office lighting
    • RI R Retrofit Unit 535X535 35w = 13 145
    • RI SPD 600X600 45w = 1 984
    • Daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors = 3 300
  • Parking garage
    • GL 600mm 28w general back of house fitting = 1060
    • PG2 600mm 40w parking garage = 307
  • Downlights and other
    • BH R Bulk Head = 310 units
    • DLD 10w, 16w and 23w = 542 units
    • DL MHR 21w and 30w =
    • DL6 8w = 316 units
    • FRT5 Rigid LED strip = 75m
    • Highbay TLE5 = 76 units
20151103 STILL_RI SPD20150914 STILL_TLE520151103 STILL_ FRT520151103 STILL_ PG220151103 STILL_BH RDL-620160115 STILL_DL MHR20160115 STILL_DLDGL