Case Study Feature

Portside Office Tower – Cape Town 

When the announcement was made by FNB and Old Mutual that they would be building Cape Town’s tallest sky scraper, there was a quite buzz in the construction industry.  Not only was it to be the tallest building in Cape Town, the two companies had set their eyes on making it the greenest building in the city as well.

Our technical director set out to tackle the challenge of being one of the main suppliers on this exciting project.  The brief required parking garage fittings, office fittings and general circulation fittings.  In 2012, the LED lighting market was small and mostly restricted to niche solutions and to customers for whom energy saving was a top priority.  World-wide, projects of this scale for LED-only solutions were still very rare.  The building had to have extensive control systems managing occupancy and daylight-harvesting.  These challenges did not deter the LED Lighting SA design team.

Lighting Objectives

The need for fittings that both met the architects’ approval for being aesthetically pleasing  and the engineer’s high standards for technically perfect luminaires set out a great platform for our design team.  While meeting the objectives of the architects and engineers, there was another metric on the table: the Green Building Council’s points system.  This point system required a specific wattage per square metre, custom designed products for green innovation points and the ability for the luminaires to communicate on the backbone of an intelligent building management system.  This requirement presented our business with a great deal of technical challenges.  The business needed to come up with a full suite of fittings that covered parking garages, plant rooms, foyer areas and general areas, office floors, kitchens and so on – all operating under digital control.

Lighting Solutions

The first challenge we tackled was to design an office luminaire to meet the extremely low glare specification required by FNB, while maintaining the average illumination metrics of the Green Building Council.  The two fittings we designed – which later became standard products – were the RI VT and RI PT.  The parking garage light brief was met by the design of the PG1 1800mm 65w DALI with integrated sensor.  This product was far ahead of its time technically and was wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing package.  The remainder of the required solutions were addressed by our standard product ranges or by adjustments to these standard products.  These fittings deployed were as follows: DL MHR, DL6, DLD downlights, kilometres of FRT5 rigid LED strip, HB Extrusion for the roof sections and various other smaller light fittings.


Results and Benefits

The biggest benefit of the LED lighting installations in the Portside building is the considerably lower energy consumption over traditional lighting technologies.  From an aesthetic point of view, all fittings were designed to work in a AAA grade look-and-feel building.  The feedback on the lighting aesthetic has been universally positive.  Apart from saving energy, the maintenance is a fraction of what it would have been with traditional lighting.  The luminaires are sealed units that don’t require regular interior cleaning or bulb changes.  At the time of writing, our products have been running hassle-free for nearly three years and we foresee many more years to come without any substantial maintenance requirements. Warranty replacements over three years have been less than 0.5%.

Key Facts

  • Product design and computer aided simulation began in September 2012
  • First product delivery began in March 2013 and ended in early 2014
  • At the time of building, the Portside was one of the five biggest buildings in the world with LED-only lighting
  • Fitting types delivered:
  • Office Lighting
    • RI PT 600X600 45w = 1783 units
    • RI VT 600X600 45w = 43 units
    • RI T 600X600 45w = 67 units
  • Parking Garage and Plant Rooms
    • PG1 1800mm 65w = 685 units
    • VP 1200mm = 303 units
  • Downlights and Other
    • DLD 10w, 16w and 23w = 643 units
    • DL MHR 21w and 30w = 63 units
    • DL6 8w = 1955 units
    • FRT5 Rigid LED strip = 2785m
    • BH SQ bulk head = 251 units
20151103 STILL_ RI PT20151103 STILL_ RI T20151103 STILL_RI VT20151103 STILL_ PG220151103 STILL VP20151103 STILL_DLD20151103 STILL_ DL MHR20151103 STILL_ DL 620151103 STILL_ FRT520151103  STILL_BHR