Case Study Feature

Red Cross Children’s Hospital

During the planning phase for the expansion of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, the choice was made to include LED lighting in the new sections. The consulting engineer contracted to co-ordinate and design the electrical layouts and specifications of the new sections approached LED Lighting SA to assist. Although the electrical specifications listed various fluorescent options, LED Lighting SA proposed a like for like LED replacement which would in the long run be more energy efficient.

Lighting Objectives

The project encompassed several sections of the hospital, from general wards to radiology facilities to consultation rooms. The different divisions each had a wide scope of requirements. This meant that each fitting proposed had to be carefully scrutinised for its intended purpose. Some of the factors that had to be considered were glare, dimming and the stringent light levels required for each various type of room. Based on the requirements a large variety of fittings had to be used in order to meet each criteria.

Lighting Solution

In the general wards, recovery facilities and x-ray rooms two variants of the recessed inlay range were specified, namely the RI VT and RI T range. In these facilities DALI dimming was incorporated to allow for various medical requirements. In the general rooms and passages the DLD, PG2 and BH R range was chosen as a cost effective general purpose luminaire.


Results and Benefits

The controlled flow of information between the engineer, electrical contractor and LLSA was one of the key factors that contributed to the success of the project. Continuous project management and technical specification from the LLSA engineers and project managers ensured that the right product was specified and delivered.

Key Facts    

  • First phase delivery in September 2014
  • Current phase still ongoing into 2016
  • Current quantity delivered to site: 550 various fittings
  • Fitting types delivered:
    • RI T recessed inlays for the patient rooms and consultation areas
    • RI VT recessed inlays for waiting rooms and general wards
    • PG2 linear fittings for store rooms
    • VP vapour proof fittings installed in all wet rooms
    • DLD & DL6 down lighters used in passages and accommodation rooms
    • BH R bulk heads installed around the perimeter of the building
BHRDL6DLDVP20151103 STILL_ RI VT20151103 STILL_ PG220151103 STILL_ RI T