CP Electronics EBDHS Specialised 20m High Bay Sensor CP Electronics EBDMR Mid Range Open Office Sensor CP Electronics EBDSPIR Programmable Recessed Sensor CP Electronics GEFL Mid Range Switching Sensor Recessed CP Electronics GEFL-PB Switching Sensor Push Button Recessed CP Electronics EBDSM Programmable Surface Mount Sensor CP Electronics GESM Switching Sensor Push Button Surface Mount CP Electronics EBMPIR-MB Vapour Proof Product Sensor CP Electronics GEFL IR Sensor Lux & Time Handet CP Electronics UHS5 Sensor Programming Handset CP Electronics UNLCDHS Commissioning Handset CP Electronics Rapid Series 3 Switched and DALI Addressable pluggable module CP Electronics VITM4 Lighting Connection System Switching Modules Tridonic 5DPI 19fe SMART Sensor Office Tridonic 10DPI 19fe SMART Sensor Highbay Tridonic DALI Repeater DALI Signal Amplifying Repeater Tridonic DALI PS2 DALI Component Power Supply Tridonic DALI XC Module DALI Programmable Input Controller Tridonic Ready2Mains Gateway Ready2mains Powerline Communication Gateway Tridonic basicDIM DGC BasicDim DALI Control Module Tridonic ILD 16DPI 69f BasicDim DALI IP65 Sensor & group controller Tridonic ILD 5DPI 14f BasicDim DALI Sensor and Controller Tridonic DALI Touch Panel Tridonic DALI x/e DALI x/e-touchPANEL Tridonic ConnecGateway ConnecDIM Cloud Based Lighting Control Gateway Helvar Active+ Built in sensor for product integration – self learning Helvar 13xx DIN Back Box Helvar 192xx Tunable White Ilustris Colour Control Helvar 193xx Capacitive touch Digdim panel Helvar 924x LCD Touch Panel Digidim Helvar 435 BACnet Gateway Helvar 452 4.4A Universal Dimmer Leading or Trailing Edge Helvar 472 1-10V and DSI Converter Helvar 494 8 X 16A Relay Unit Digidim Helvar 454 4 X 2.2A Transistor Dimmer Helvar 905 Ethernet and DALI Router Helvar 910 Ethernet and DALI Router Helvar 474 DALI,S-DIM and DMX Controller Helvar 920 Ethernet, DALI, DMX and S-DIM Router Helvar 498 8 X 16A Relay unit DigiDim Helvar 478 8 Subnet DALI, S-DIM and DMX controller DL 1 Mini downlight / starlight DL HR C Halogen replacement core DL HR NTR Halogen replacement non tilt round low glare DL HR T Halogen replacement round tilt DL S Round scoop DL DS S Square tiltable scoop DL DS R Round tiltable scoop DL SMST Surface mount tiltable spot DL MHR M R Metal halide replacement medium round tilt DL MHR M RR Metal halide replacement medium round recessed DL HR SQ Halogen replacement square low glare DL MHR M SB Metal halide replacement medium square box DL MHR M DB Metal halide replacement medium square double box DL MHR RT Rectangular downlight wall washer DL SMDR DL P Metal halide replacement surface mount GL Linear general fitting opal diffuser GLL Linear fitting with 6 optical options GLW Linear general fitting wing reflector DAE 35 Linear fitting diffused square PG2 Parking garage linear fitting DECO MHR Decorative highbay with aluminum spun dome TL 1 Track light small Eco-Range TL 2 Track light medium Eco-Range TL 19 Track light large TL 12 Track light medium TL 10 Track light large TL 14 Track light medium FRT5 High output linear fitting small rigid extrusion RGB RGB linear fitting small rigid extrusion LED Line Colour linear fitting small rigid extrusion IP LED LINE IP linear fitting small rigid extrusion RDE Round linear fitting small rigid extrusion CDE-S Corner fitting square diffuser small rigid extrusion CDE-R Corner fitting round diffuser small rigid extrusion ML 2 Meat light round diffuser small rigid extrusion RI T Recessed inlay opal diffuser RI MT Recessed inlay linear light line MFULA Linear recessed medium opal light line RI SI Recessed inlay side illumination panel RI SPD Recessed inlay dual channel opal diffuser RI SPL Recessed inlay dual channel louvre HBF Small – wide optic High bay small wide optic HBF Medium – wide optic High bay medium wide optic HBF Medium – Dome optics High bay medium with dome optical options HBF Medium – Dome optics High bay medium with dome optical options GLL L-Bay Dual or Triple linear Industrial lighting with 6 optical options HB EXTRUSION IP linear optically controlled medium rigid extrusion VP 2 Vapour proof fitting BH R IP Bulk head round BHSQ IP Bulk head square HBW Industrial Light IP industrial high output fitting FREEZ6 Upright freezer cabinet wide asymmetric optic FREEZ6 ACCENT Freezer cabinet single asymmetric optic ALSTOM HEADLIGHT Automotive Rail Headlight ALSTOM AUXILIARY LIGHT Automotive Rail Auxiliary Light ALSTOM PLATFORM LIGHT Automotive Rail Platform Light Track Lights Refrigeration DLD