Case Study Feature

MTN Retail Store Rollout

At the beginning of 2013 LED Lighting SA was put into contact with the store designers at MTN head office. The aim was to build a new store design from the ground up for a countrywide rollout. A number of light samples were installed in the Cresta shopping centre MTN store as a base for look-and-feel ideas.  This marked the beginning of the planning and review phase.

Lighting Objectives

The fittings were installed and over the course of a month various parties reviewed and commented on the available options. Ultimately, the senior store designer made her choices in line with the desired look for the store design. The fittings selected needed to not only replace the general lighting of the shop, but also to complement the architectural features of the exciting new look designed for the stores.

Lighting Solution

The chosen solution was selected to meet architectural and budget requirements for over 200 stores. The lighting kit included recessed inlays in a random ceiling pattern, cove lighting to highlight various cell phone display cabinets and a light line to create a portal affect at the entrance to the shop.


Results and Benefits

Since 2013 over 130 stores have been restyled with lighting solutions designed and fitted by LED Lighting SA.  Each store scheduled for a revamp is allocated a dedicated LED Lighting project manager who sets up a custom-built production order for that specific store layout. In doing so, the unique layout set by the store designer is met. The rollout of LED Lighting fittings to all MTN stores across South Africa will continue until the expected completion of this project in 2016.

Key Facts    

  • First store fitted in September 2013
  • Current look and feel continuing into 2016
  • Fitting types delivered:
    • RI T recessed inlays for FOH
    • RI TT recessed inlays for BOH
    • FRT5 1000Lm for shop fitting bulkhead
    • Mfula light line in portal entrance