Case Study Feature

City of Cape Town Municipality

The consulting engineer in charge of a large scale lighting retrofit project contacted LED Lighting SA in April 2014. He required spec sheets and photometric data on all fittings ranging from Bulk Heads to office fittings and parking garage options. At this stage little was known about the project or scale, but through a process of constant interaction and collaborative work on design specifications, LED Lighting SA found a set of products that met the objectives of the client brief.

Lighting Objectives

The products that were designed and specified needed to meet the stringent OSHACT lux level requirements while making no changes to the current installation layout. In addition, the solutions needed to be DALI Dimmable to allow for occupancy and daylight harvesting. Ultimately, the lighting would have to cover the multiple variances inside of 9 large buildings while keeping the product variances specified to a minimal. Understandably, the requirement to find a solution to retrofit into multiple environments required extensive engineering expertise in order to rapidly simulate, design and install samples required for approval. Speed of delivery was also going to be critical as the implementation had to take place within the financial year.

Lighting Solution

Following extensive adjustments to our standard products LED lighting SA found a solution to all the required specifications set out by the engineers within the space of a month.

The full solution comprised of standard products, standard products with controls and products specifically adapted for the application.


Results and Benefits

The requirement for quick delivery had not been understated –a mere 40 days separated the date of purchase order to the delivery date of more than 2800 fittings. Regardless of the tight deadline and the optimization challenges along the way, LED lighting SA delivered all of the required products on time and in full. The full range of products covered multi floor parking garages, 10 storey buildings, traffic departments and outlying community centres.

Key Facts    

  • Phase 1 began in May 2014
  • New projects still ongoing in 2015
  • Fitting types delivered:
    • 1048 DALI daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors
    • 2687 RI PT and RI T recessed inlays and surface mount fittings
    • 967 PG2 parking garage fittings
    • 867 BH R bulk head fittings
    • 331 down lighters
  • Buildings included 44 Wale street in Cape Town as well as other office blocks, various community centres, traffic departments and workshops.
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