Case Study Feature

Portside Office Tower – Cape Town 

  • Product design and computer aided simulation began in September 2012
  • First product delivery began in March 2013 and ended in early 2014
  • At the time of building, the Portside was one of the five biggest buildings in the world with LED-only lighting



Fitting types used:

  • Office Lighting
    • RI PT 600X600 45w
    • RI VT 600X600 45w 
    • RI T 600X600 45w 
  • Parking Garage and Plant Rooms
    • PG1 1800mm 65w 
    • VP 1200mm 
  • Downlights and Other
    • DLD 10w, 16w and 23w 
    • DL MHR 21w and 30w 
    • DL6 8w = 1955 units
    • FRT5 Rigid LED strip 
    • BH SQ bulk head 
20151103 STILL_ RI PT20151103 STILL_ RI T20151103 STILL_RI VT20151103 STILL_ PG220151103 STILL VP20151103 STILL_DLD20151103 STILL_ DL MHR20151103 STILL_ DL 620151103 STILL_ FRT520151103  STILL_BHR