Case Study Feature

 Vaal Mall – Gauteng 

 Cove lighting in shopping centres can at the best of times be an incredible challenge, but at the end of 2015 RWP engineering consultants gave us a task that ensured we put our best foot forward. After more than 9 large scale shopping centres you would expect this to be just another request, but there were some interesting challenges. The requirement set out was to gain a set lux level while reducing the direct lighting proportion to almost zero. This poses a massive challenge when reflecting light off a ceiling as the proportion of lost light is very high. Through clever product specification an engineering a solution was found that matched the client’s brief.

Lighting Objectives

The main objective was to drastically increase lighting levels throughout the mall while reducing the required maintenance and overall wattage of the installation. This all needed to be achieved whilst still utilizing the same lighting positions of the original lighting design. Another important client request was to have an even wash over the ceilings with no dark patches between installed fittings.

Lighting Solutions

Originally, FRT5 linear plug and play rigid cove solution was specified. While this was the correct product, adjustments needed to me made in order to meet the brief. The problem was brought forward to the engineering team that the standard strip wattage and lumen package was not achieving the average lux required by the customer. Through careful high Lumen LED selection, the FRT5 light engines were produced specifically for the Vaal mall shopping centre.

Results and Benefits

The required light levels were increased and achieved throughout the mall while drastically reducing the maintenance period. Achieving the high average lux levels while using reflected light off the ceiling within the shopping was a difficult task. But through careful product specification and manufacture the outcome has been extremely successful.

Key Facts

  • Project started in the beginning of October 2015 and ended May 2016.
  • Fitting types delivered:
  • FRT5 15w Rigid LED cove light = 1,349 km’s
  • FRT5 23w Rigid LED cove light = 1,893 km’s
  • DL MHR 30w = 65 units
  • DL MHR 40w = 20 units


20151103 STILL_ DL MHR20151103 STILL_ FRT5