The business has grown from 4 people in 2005 to more than 100 employees in 2024.  The business’ head office and factory are in Cape Town with sales offices in Durban and Johannesburg with export capabilities throughout the world.  

We perform all of our own design, manufacture and supply. We have built an extensive knowledge in these areas for more than ten years and this enables us to provide quality product and support to our customers.

Because LED systems are configurable, design has to be at the heart of any supplier who hopes to exactly meet their customers’ requirements. While importing product is profitable, it usually means a compromise in the client’s solution – along with lead time and warranty replacement problems.

Knowledge of manufacture is important in steering the design process. Product design is performed from the outset with production simplicity in mind.  This brings quality, consistency and reliability to the product.

Supplying LED lighting requires technical knowledge.  For traditional lighting, training on the products in the catalogue was sufficient.  With LED the sales team has to understand solutions in order to meet the customer’s brief.  The business is a specialist LED-only B2B solution provider.  While traditional lighting companies supply fittings with bulbs or tubes, modern lighting systems are based on complete smart, electronic luminaires.  Because lighting systems are electronic, adding battery backup and controls becomes simple.

The business has expanded its range to cover all aspects of lighting for commercial, retail and industrial applications. The business also produces lighting for rail and other transport applications. 

Leadership Team

Enrico James

Supply Chain Manager

Paul Vink

Factory Manager

Pelisa Kubukeli

Management Accountant

Greg Wesson

Finance Manager

Keegan Moodley

Sales Manager

Hilton Daniels

Factory Floor Supervisor

Chandre Theunis

Technical Design & Draughts Team Leader

Werner Wentzel

Sales Manager

Abraham Swartz

Warehouse Team Leader

Carley Nauschutz

National Sales Support Team Leader

Saud Samaai

National Sales Manager

Bronwin Winlock

Human Resources Manager

Terence Esterhuizen

Quality Control Supervisor

Darren Da Silva

Sales Engineering Manager

Shawn Godfrey

Chief Executive Officer

Cornel Neethling

Operations Director

Albert Pringle Steyn

Head of Design & Engineering